SwaneeGRACE is a NYC based vintage clothing shop operated by me, Jeanna Johnson, since 2009. It’s both my work and my passion. I* travel far and wide & hunt high and low to bring you the very best of every decade. My carefully selected collection of women’s vintage clothing is sold online, at select shows & events, at Arcade in Brooklyn, NY and by private appointment. With an overall focus on femininity, flattery and fun, each piece is hand-selected with an eye for beauty, quality, collectability and condition. Timeless design always takes precedence over trendiness. I source relevant items from the 1920s-1990s that blend seamlessly with a modern wardrobe. I can't resist a good print, a high-quality fabric or a unique design. And my love for color, whimsy, pattern, texture and all the darling little details that make vintage so special knows no bounds.

Real magic happens when women wear what they love. I love what I sell and I hope you do, too!

*It didn’t feel right using the collective “we” on this page. Aside from here, the entire site uses “we” and “us” and writing those words felt a little strange at times. The truth is, this whole shebang is just one person - me! I do it all by my lonesome and your support means everything to me. Without you, SwaneeGRACE wouldn’t exist and I’d be on American Hoarders. Thanks so much for visiting!