PRIVATE APPOINTMENT for design industry / Stylists/ Costumers

For the past 8 years SwaneeGRACE has functioned as a respected source of inspiration for design teams, stylists and costumers in NYC and beyond. We love to collaborate with people who share our vision and appreciate our eye. We have provided major designers the inspiration needed to help develop top selling items in their seasonal collections. We are conveniently located in NYC and our extensive collection is at your fingertips. Please contact us and give us a brief idea of what you’re looking for - key season themes, color palettes, silhouettes, etc. Once we know your direction, we will pull pieces from our collection and travel with them to you for review. We look forward to offering you the inspiration you’re looking for.

Costumers looking for specific pieces for television, film, or stage productions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you to find the pieces you’re looking for.


Are you visiting NYC and want to go vintage shopping but feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to begin? If you answered yes, we’re here to help. Our owner is a friendly native New Yorker (yes, they exist!) who has been shopping vintage for over 25 years. She knows all the good spots and is willing to share some of her secrets with you. Please contact us for more details.


Same as above but for groups of 2-6. Contact us for more details.